Manager vs Leader

When I was first thinking to start a blog, one of the initial actions I took was to make a list of potential topics. Leader vs Manager was on top of my list as this is one of the topics I am thinking a lot. Since then I found a ton of articles, blogs and presentations on this subject. Many great ones. So I am not going to define what each of the roles means, what is best and how to be one. Instead I will try to cover a slightly different aspect. As project manager, most people would agree, you should be both a leader and manager. The dilemma is where to find the balance.

The answer depends on your abilities and preferences, the organization you work in, the project and the team. I believe that a good PM is the one that most easily adapt and is able to easily change the balance between the two. Ask yourself:

Am I primary a Leader or a Manager?

What others think I am?

What do  I like mostly to be?

Is this the best approach for myself, my company, my project?

What do I need to adjust? 
Sometimes asking this kind of questions can help you to perform better and increase the chances of success for your projects.


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