Good Project Manager vs good team

I had a debate with a colleague once on what is more valueble for a project: to have a good and experienced team or to have a good and experienced project manager. It is clear having both is the ideal situation, but this is not always the case.  If you would have to choose between having an experienced team with a not so experienced project manager versus having an outstanding PM with an average team what would you choose? Each alternative would have it’s benfits from organizational groth point of view, bad PM with bad team will be clearly a strugle. But from project point of view what can be best?

In my view, a bad project manager can lead even a good team on the wrong path. This clearly depends on the organisation type, on how much power the project manager has and the level of management control in the organisation. But this is a real posibility.

On the other side, a good project manager will be able to identify the strenghts and weaknesses of his team and make a strategy in such a way that the potential is maximized. The project manager can develop plans to increase the knowledge of the team and  even bring external experts.

So giving the two alternatives, I would choose the first. What would you choose?

One thought on “Good Project Manager vs good team

  1. I would also choose the first – but that doesn’t mean that most likely the project will be doomed. In projectized organizations, the team is hand picked by the project manager, so, if the team is bad, then most likely the PM is bad as well.

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