Why I wanted to become project manager

In one of the companies I previously worked, at some point, I was transferring some of my  Project Management responsibilities to a colleague who had no previous PM experience(but great potential). At some point she asked a really good question. She asked why I wanted to become a PM and what did I liked about it. The question is still present in my mind today and I think every Project Manager should ask herself/himself this question from time to time. Actually, regardless of your profession, I think it’s a good idea to regularly ask yourself what do you like your job and why did you wanted it in the first place. Is your current situation as you expected when you first started? Would you choose the same path again?

I wanted try this profession from several reasons:

  • I am the kind of person that likes to have the global picture instead on focusing on details
  • I wanted to have more independence in my job
  • I like to motivate people, to make them work as a team and to arouse enthusiasm
  • I thought this is the right next step for my career

At that point I had the impression that this job will bring all this. Now I see that not only the profession is important but also how the organization see it. There are organization that value this profession more than others, where a project manager can fulfill his role as in the manuals and others where there are so many restrictions that makes you wander if you are truly a project manager.

Considering all my expectations, experiences and challenges I had so far in this job, giving the opportunity to choose again, I would definitely make the same choice.


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