Dear friend, thank you for stopping by. Let me first introduce myself.  I am a project manager with more than 13 years work experience, 7 of them working in project management/project leadership roles.Since 2010 I am a certified Project Management Professional. I am also a consultant and trainer, specialized in project management topics but also related soft skills like leadership, time management, communication skills and many others.

Having a long project management experience I see around a lot of situations where a little project management knowledge (just basic knowledge) could improve the success rate in people’s endeavors. Therefore I decided to start this blog, with the honest hope that you will benefit from it. In this way I also want to raise the awareness about our profession so that people will understand the basics of our work. I think each project manager had difficulties at some point explaining his/her work.

I also see many professionals struggling to make the transition to a leadership role  struggling with the huge amount of information available today having no clear direction where to start. I want to help them by giving just enough information to get started.

For those who think about getting a PMP certification I want to motivate them to follow this path. I will share my experience for passing the exam and my experience so far as a PMP.

In the same time I will try to keep this blog entertaining, at least from time to time.

Have fun and do not hesitate to give feedback.


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