Most important things for PMP exam preparation

I often got questions on how to prepare for PMP exam, what are the most important things to consider. Here  is my view on the topic, I summarized the important factors in the order of their importance:

Mindset: you need to understand PMI mindset. Every single exam question needs to be answered having the right mind-set. Ask yourself what would PMI answer/do and not what I would do in such a situation

Strategy: for exam preparation you need to define and follow a strategy that works best for you. For me it was reading one of the PMP exam preparation book(there are a few good ones on the market) and PMBOOK in one month timeframe just before the formal exam preparation training, taking the course and then go to the exam in one month (my target was two weeks). During this time, re-read the preparation book, take as many  practice exams as possible and study the areas with the lowest  score

Exam preparation course: Find a good provider. This could help also with the strategy and mind-set (it did it for me)

Determination and persistence: this should be really straight forward. As with everything in life, determination and persistence is a key ingredient. PMP exam is a difficult exam

Again, this is my personal view on the topic. I do not claim it is universally valid, however, as PMI would say, I believe it works for most of the people most of the time